Top Amenities & Services in Serenity Camp

A stay at Serenity Glamping Camp is not only about relaxing at the beach all day. You can try and learn something new about Mexico!

24 Hour Concierge

The benefits of 24-hour personalized concierge service are often apparent even before check-in. You can contact your concierge prior to arrival with questions and requests. And if you want to surprise that special someone, your concierge can be your secret accomplice in planning every detail. You can also make reservations at the restaurants of your choice.

Swimming Pool

Relax and enjoy the Zen-like ambiance on our sun loungers, and cool off with a dip in our refreshing pool. All this while enjoying delicious snacks and beverages of all kinds, as our Mystic Restaurant is just steps away from this charming oasis within the property.


We’re here to offer you as many advantages as possible during your holiday. That’s why, from now on, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi* at our hotel. Stay connected for as long as you like. We guarantee Wi-free.
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