LOgo spa

An Incredible Spa Experience

Mayan SPA

Professional massage certificate, we have all the equipment to offer you a moment of relaxation, we offer different types of massages, relaxing massages as well as body treatments, our services include massages of 50 min and 90 min.
Wellness Experience offers everything needed, to have a better experience and schedule availability, book in advance.

  • Heating stones massage $130

    80 minutes treatment

  • Complete body with barro, aguacate o aloe vera $120

    80 minutes treatment

  • Relaxing massage $120

    50 minutes treatment

Other Perks & Facilities

We are geared towards the fulfilment of the needs of any discerning guest and below you can find an overview of the most commonly-used services and facilities offered by our Glamping.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Experience in Tulum

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